Long , wide and (semi) affordable...options?

Started Dec 20, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Ronan_M Senior Member • Posts: 1,349
Long , wide and (semi) affordable...options?

I recently purchased an 80-200 2.8 two ring (AF-D) and I'm somewhat disappointed with the sharpness @ 2.8...its kinda softish. Its gets a lot better @f4 but...hey...I wanted to use the lens @ 2.8

So, i'm considering options. I'd prefer a zoom, but I'd be willing to consider a prime as well (would have to be in the 150 to 200 range and f2.8 or wider)

Budget is around 1000au$ (I'd sell the 80-200 and fork out a bit extra). My main requirement is sharpness @ 2.8. Dont really care too much about fast AF, but sharpness is a must.

I'm considering:

- 80-200 AF-S

- 180 f2.8 prime

- Sigma 70-200 OS

The 70-200 VR1 is out of range (although I COULD stretch out -and risk marriage- if I'm told this lens does supernatural feats that no other can achieve). Use will be mostly portraits

Any other options I should be looking at?


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