Michael Reichmann's take on smaller full frame Sony FE mount lenses

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Re: He has a point

Sure he has a point.  What many here seem to miss is that it's about context not contest.  The goal isn't to be the smallest camera or system and it isn't to be smaller than m4/3.  The goal is to be smaller while providing some of the best IQ out there and if you don't have an agenda it's easy to see that Sony has done that.

It amazes me how many people choose to buy an E-M1 and then argue the size of the 24-70f4 vs the 12-40....   "I just bought one of the biggest and heaviest m4/3 camera+lens combinations but size is really important and at least my 12-40 is a couple of mm shorter than your 24-70" (even though total camera+lens size/weight is the same).  The E-M1 actually proves the point better than any article can...  size is only one consideration and it isn't always the most important one.

Depending on the lenses you use the size/weight advantage of m4/3 could be very significant or very insignificant.   I'd be willing to bet that there are E-M1 + 12-40 owners here that rarely if ever use another lens and are here boasting about the m4/3 size/weight advantage....

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