Poll: What Camera did you get on the end? A7 or A7R ?

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Re: The magic $2K mark

ProfHankD wrote:  I don't see the A7 as an "end," but as a quick fix with good potential for other uses in the longer term (e.g., development platform for using Sony's API). Little doubt I'll eventually I'll get an A7R too....

After playing with the A7 a little, I have to say that the A7 would be a perfectly viable "end" for 99% of all uses.

Yes, I'll get an A7R too -- because I do technical stuff within that 1% rather often -- but I don't think many people would ever have to apologize for using an A7 instead. The IQ is really superb, as is the EVF; the UI isn't great, but it doesn't hurt general handling with LA-EA4 autofocus or peaking manual focus much... and, of course, the A7R is essentially the same in everything but peak IQ. It is also worth noting that it will take a bit of care to max-out the IQ on the A7 (which is also true of the NEX-7), so unless you're being very careful, there really will not be much extra IQ for an A7R to capture.

Just to make it explicit: I think the NEX-7 (with an optional lens turbo) is also still a viable "end" for 95% of all uses. The A7 peak IQ is better, but it doesn't blow away a NEX-7 with a focal reducer unless you need the highest ISOs (and thanks to photon shot noise, no camera will ever approach peak IQ at high ISOs) or wireless support. Put another way, for old manual glass, we suddenly have decent "full-frameish" options ranging from about $450 (A3000 + lens turbo) to $2300 (A7R) with a range of IQ that starts out great and goes up from there. The only problem I see is that pricing on old lenses is gonna go nuts.  

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