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Re: works fine for me

Ianperegian wrote:

Thanks Eric for your reply. Maybe I'm a bit out of date here, as some years ago when posting on DPR it automatically created the link for a URL when it had been inserted just as text. Then, when the new system started, it was necessary to insert the URL as a link using the "chain" item in the menu, otherwise the URL was not active. Now, it seems that (if I'm correct) it is only necessary to use the menu if you want to the URL to appear just as alternative text, such as "here".

I've tried both of those below:

the URL as text (without using the menu):

The URL with replacement text:


Finally, to demonstrate the problem with periods (full stops as we call them):

with a period immediately after the URL

with the period separated by a single space: .

Well it worked as I described, but the period immediately following the URL did not make it inoperable, unlike what I had found previously.


Ian -

Yes..all of those worked fine for me here..right now I'm back on my old WinXP laptop but I feel sure that as they do work here I would find they are still OK on the you seem to have it cracked now..good luck..hope no more funnies crop up. The changes of the Forum sites generally ARE a bit strange at first... personally I don't like the fact that certain type links .. such as to a Web page or similar..DON'T show as LIVE links as you type them in a reply, so you can't do a quick pre-check as easily..but otherwise I've found that certain Browsers seem to make most difference..I've not used IE for YEARS..used Firefox for a long time and lately I like and always use CHROME which gives me everything I want - works excellently too on the MacBook..

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