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stefanik wrote: …

What is wery disapponting (and is not predictable i think), is the wery hight drop in af performance beetween good and poor light and also the af reliability.

In many cases is not possible to grab focus correctly and the percentage of missed shoots is not so small compared to DSRL (generally conditions ... i don't take shoot only in sunny days). …

Hm, the AF performance - even in low light - is something I like about the V1. It's very good with the 18.5 and 32. Not surprisingly as it turns to contrast AF in low light and a faster lens allows faster contrast AF. Haven't used the 10-30mm since the 18.5 came out.

Since the V1 uses in low light contrast detect AF it has problems with different AF targets compared to the phase detect AF of my D90, but overall they are very similar in their low light AF performance/accuracy.

I get the same amount of images in perfect focus with my V1 as I get with my D90, maybe even more with the V1 because the AF points cover the whole frame.

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