Sigma 24-105mm f4 OS A vs Canon 50mm f1.4 on Canon 70D

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Re: big fan of EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 on APS-C

NancyP wrote:

Yes, there is a place for the generalist zoom lens. One of the situations in which I use my 60D and 15-85mm the most is hiking on unfamiliar trails. The weight advantage of not taking a huge selection of primes is worth some not-perfect optics. On the other hand, if I know what shot I intend to make, then an appropriate prime (if I have one) can be taken. I don't have a full collection of modern primes, and have been horsing around with legacy lenses, M42 mount (various makes) and manual Nikkors sitting around the house. They aren't perfect either, but I like learning about their characteristics in the digital arena.

I have been considering one of the generalist normal zoom lenses for FF for my 6D. I bought a used prime for it instead of a normal zoom lens costing the same, because the used prime was my dream landscape lens, Zeiss 21mm f/2.8 ZE. I love wide angle, and this lens has great color, contrast, sharpness wide open to diffraction!

The 15-85 is on my camera most of the time, because of the convenience in carrying just one lens; but 75% of the use is in the 15-24mm range. I also use specific lenses for certain types of photography, e.g. for my dragonfly shoots I only have the 4/300IS and Sigma 2.8/150 with me. I don't have an FF body (yet), but if I purchase one it would be for when I know what I'm going to shoot like macro/nature (don't need new lenses for that) and landscape/architecture (need one top quality SWA prime for that).

For 'walkaround' I may use a smaller/lighter setup like m43, and ditch the whole 'standard zoom' concept on FF. But with current prices for the 24-105 it's easy to try if one can accept the compromises of such a zoom, and if the benefit in IQ is big enough to carry a bigger/heavier camera all the time. But my impression from all the forum discussions is that the benefit compared to a good m43 system (camera with 12-40 zoom and possibly one bright prime) may be too small  for general use (i.e. in decent light, without tripod, with little time to plan ahead for your shots).

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