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myzel wrote:

WCguy wrote:

… One never knows what is going to come out next year , everything is moving very fast in the digital world, is anyone ever happy or satisfied with what they have for more than a few months anymore. WC

I'm happy and satisfied with my V1 and my two main lenses. I don't understand why so many expect something new every few months and why they start talking about changing camera brands if nothing new gets introduced every few months.

I buy a camera if that camera has the feature set and image quality I want (or is good enough). Newer cameras don't change the things the camera I bought can do. Sure, something better is always nice, but I don't need and want the best of the best (otherwise I would shoot a D800E or a Leica S2 or something like that).

I get the impression that many camera users are buy cameras because they want to have the newest, cooles camera and not a camera for making pictures.

I partially agree with you. Is a personal consideration, but ther is some aspect of the "1" that is not so evident.

When i bought my V1 almost 2 years ago (full priced), i known it's limit and it's capabilities so, many aspect of the system wasn't i surprice for me (DOF/ISO etc ...).

What is wery disapponting (and is not predictable i think), is the wery hight drop in af performance beetween good and poor light and also the af reliability.

In many cases is not possible to grab focus correctly and the percentage of missed shoots is not so small compared to DSRL (generally conditions ... i don't take shoot only in sunny days).

Probably (and fotunatelly for the system) is not a common problem, but in my case i'll be wery wary happy wether the V3 solve this type of issues (and improve some others, obviously).


p.s. my V1 is the second i take: the first was substitute after 3 months

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