AF phenomenon on the 70D: Can anyone explain?

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Re: Bad batch? Bad continent?

chbaum wrote:

Just out of curiosity: Are you referring to me and my test results with these "Features" and therefore deny the visible phenomenon? If so, why?

No! Nothing to do with you, just me and R2 having some fun.

I'm following your work with great interest. I know how hard it can be when people refuse to accept evidence that doesn't support their prejudice.

I'm surprised no-one has told you yet, in an AF thread like this, that PD AF is an open-loop control process. If you're interested, here's how it works.

P.S. The one thing R2D2 did differently was using AF Servo. gonna try this today, too.

The result should be the same under good test conditions, since all that's different is One-Shots stops when the subject is in focus, but it's sure worth testing.

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