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WCguy wrote:

… One never knows what is going to come out next year , everything is moving very fast in the digital world, is anyone ever happy or satisfied with what they have for more than a few months anymore. WC

I'm happy and satisfied with my V1 and my two main lenses. I don't understand why so many expect something new every few months and why they start talking about changing camera brands if nothing new gets introduced every few months.

I buy a camera if that camera has the feature set and image quality I want (or is good enough). Newer cameras don't change the things the camera I bought can do. Sure, something better is always nice, but I don't need and want the best of the best (otherwise I would shoot a D800E or a Leica S2 or something like that).

I get the impression that many camera users are buy cameras because they want to have the newest, cooles camera and not a camera for making pictures.

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