Shall I get a D800E or a Df?

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Shall I get a D800E or a Df?

My current gear set:

From left to right: Zeiss 15mm f2.8, RX1R (35mm f2), 24-70mm f2.8, 85mm f1.4G, 105mm f2.8 VR, D4, 200mm f2.0 VR II

(Please note that I do not own the gear used to take this picture.)

I'm an amateur and I'm thinking about earning some cash by shooting some wedding stuff, or get some good landscape / architecture pictures while I travel.

I have shot two weddings. The first wedding was shot with the RX1R and the 85mm f1.4G (plus the 24-70mm f2.8 as backup) - the gear was awesome for low-light but I found the focusing performance to be less than ideal. The second wedding was shot with a D3 (borrowed from friend) + D4 + Zeiss 15mm f2.8 + 24-70mm f2.8 + 200mm f2 which was a lot better, since I could leave the 24-70mm f2.8 on a tripod doing interval timer photography to cover every important step of the wedding course that I can't afford to miss, and be relieved to try my prime lenses at relatively creative angles, but the gear was so heavy!

I can't borrow the D3 body from my friend every time so I'm considering getting a backup body (perhaps used, as I'm running out of cash). I damn like the interval timer photography function on the Nikon camera bodies!

The advantage of the D800E would be the crop power and the incredibly high dynamic range from the raw files, which would also be the king for landscapes up-to-date. However I'm worried about new sensors (e.g. rumored 56mp Sony sensor) soon to surpass this 36mp sensor, which would immediately destroy my faith in the D800E.

The advantage of the Df would be relatively light-weighted, good-looking, a sense of pure photography, and generally good low-light performance (according to, but I then lose the 1/8000s (for the f1.4 primes under the sun!), and I can't enjoy the crop power and high dynamic range as from the D800E. Also, the AF coverage is somewhat crippled.

Or maybe I should forget about getting new gear but instead focus on ideas, creativity and inspirations of photography? (which is hard for me)

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