AF phenomenon on the 70D: Can anyone explain?

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Makes no sense

chbaum wrote:

That sounds good, thanks for the heads up. Since I tend to send in my 70D for MFA anyway (my 100-400L produces results not as sharp as on my T2i / 550D), I'll pack all my Canon lenses for MFA. At least Canon Germany do not recommend to use the camera's adjustment but to let Canon repair service do the MFA.

Unfortunately, there are reports that this might cost me quite a bit. The camera is still on warranty, but the lenses aren't. I hope to make a deal with them, so they MFA my lenses on the new cam because the AF results are much worse than with my T2i. So maybe, they do it free of charge.

Sorry, Christian, but this makes no sense at all. I can see Canon charging you to adjust and fine tune the focus accuracy of the lenses. However, MFA is a well documented procedure intended for use by the camera owner. There are plenty of threads here as to how it can be done and only if you find that you are unable to get predictable focus from one or more lenses after testing and setting MFA should they need to be sent to Canon. Of course it's your nickel (Euro?) and decision to make. However at the very least, I would do a quick test under controlled conditions (tripod, good lighting, contrasty target) comparing your PDAF performance (standard focus) vs. CDAF (Live View). If you are seeing some differences, then either go through one of the many MFA procedures you can find here or simply tweak your MFA setting until the LV and standard focus shots match in sharpness. Easy enough to do and WAY cheaper and less risky then sending your kit to Canon.

Best of luck either way.  If you need any links for good MFA procedures and test targets just ask.

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