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Re: You cannot change the laws of physics...

Chris Mak wrote:

awaldram wrote:

James O'Neill wrote:

The mirror box on Pentax, Sony , Nikon and Canon cameras is designed for a 36x24mm film frame a sensor filling the back of that mirror box wouldn't make the camera bigger or heavier (although if you want to go from a 200MM f/2.8 to the equivalent 300 f/2.8, the lens will be bigger). The bigger sensor *will* cost more. And the APS-C and smaller sensors can produce very, very good images. The interesting question is where is the sweet spot. The 645D is too big. The sensor in Q is too small. APS-C in film-derived bodies was a quick fix. If APS-C is the sweet spot for sensor size, a smaller body makes sense, if the K3 is the sweet spot for body size an FF sensor makes sense.

But did Pentax leverage the aditional real estate a FF mirror box gives to implent SR ?

If so K3 size may be the sweet spot body size for FF or SR aps-C

It would be awesome if they pulled that off!! (FF SR in the K3 body) There have been quite a bit of rumors though floating round (still rumors though), that the modifications in the K3 mirror box and processing power and other things have been done with the implementation of a FF sensor in the same body.

Agreed a 24Mp FF k3 would make me very very tempted, If it offered 2 stops over the aps-c k3 I'd probably be sold even at a £2000 asking price.

To me it would also be win win for Pentax R&D costs covered by the bulk selling aps-C so in effect there getting £1000 for the FF sensor , Gotta be able to turn a profit at that surely?

All my reasons why Pentax should not go FF removed in one fell swoop, only fly is it technically possible ?

If there going to it has to be within 12 months else the k3 tech is aging.

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