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WCguy wrote:

Did you ever think that maybe Nikon put some decent lenses out there for the N1 system to see how well they would sell and if everyone felt the same way and not bought any, Nikon might just move away from the N1 system , in North America at least. I personally bought into their new lenses in hope they will continue to improve the system.Waiting one or two more months isn't going to make a difference to me, I have many cameras to use while I wait. Now saying that, if nothing happens at these next two shows, I will make a decision whether or not to keep what I have or buy into another system. The V1 still works for me, I had it from the very beginning (at the original price). One never knows what is going to come out next year , everything is moving very fast in the digital world, is anyone ever happy or satisfied with what they have for more than a few months anymore. WC

WC, yes everything is moving quickly in the digital world. It is for exactly this reason I didn't want to get stuck sinking a lot of money into a system that could be dropped, NOT LONG AFTER IT LAUNCHED. Frankly, Nikon publicly announcing the "rethink" statement, I feel, was an enormous marketing blunder. If Nikon hadn't previously committed to axing the Nikon 1 series(or at least the more advanced V models), this statement alone might be enough to do it. Since release of the "rethink" statement, I doubt I'm alone in questioning putting more money into a system that seems it could be doomed in the near future.

As far as waiting goes, I decided not to wait on Nikon while they decide what they're going to do. After all, how long have Nikon crop sensor shooters been waiting on that D400?

In answer to your question of satisfaction - for its combination of size, performance and what I paid for it, I'm very happy with my V1. Because of its size, I generally have it in the car with me, and probably will use it until it breaks. I just won't be adding to the system, or get another body(if they'll even be available) when it does break.

PS - I could possibly make one exception and add the 18.5mm prime. It's quite inexpensive, gets great reviews, and on my V1 would make a very nice, compact, and fairly fast package.

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