Nex7 with Zeiss 24mm F1.8 (SEL24f18Z) vs. A7 with FE 35mm F/2.8

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Re: 24mm might be more versatile.

sean lancaster wrote:

but after seeing LensRentals demonstrate how crappy the vast majority of adapters are . . . I am not so eager to use them any more.

Actually Roger has been very careful in subsequent posts to point out that *good* adapters make very little difference in real world shooting because we live/shoot in a 3D world. There is just no adapter--that he's used--that is perfectly planed to make accurate test shots with. Lens testing is not done in a 3D world. It is done in an artificial 2D world.

Even with adapters the A7R is close to native cameras using the same lenses in the corner while being much sharper in the center. I'd guess the A7 is slightly more even over all because the photo sites are larger and more forgiving.

I don't have the FE 35mm but I'd say go with the A7 if you can afford it. The NEX-7 is a slightly smaller and definitely better looking camera but the NEX-7 lens/camera combo is bigger overall. Plus the A7 is more future proofed. I doubt that Sony will be releasing many more APS-C only E-mount lenses in the near future.

Unless you have a really good reason that you aren't sharing I'd go full-frame for E-mount. Plus there are numerous smaller benefits to the A7: PDAF, weather sealing, better VF, more controls, better menus, future proof hot shoe, etc. with very few downsides (VF "hump", slower burst speed, and ... well can't think of a third).

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