Could high-end cameras be easier to use?

Started Dec 20, 2013 | Polls thread
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Could high-end cameras be easier to use?


I asked a question in a previous thread that why it's not easier for some of us or family members to pick up our high-tech latest cameras and take beautiful family dinner, gatherings or birthday pictures.     Instead relying on their phones or compacts.

I strongly believe that if it were easier to take beautiful pictures, high end cameras will sell much more especially since they are getting smaller and smaller, and I do believe people value beautiful pictures, but latest cams are still too difficult, auto mode, focus points, AI are still not smart enough.

But most people in that thread disagree with me, whether for the reason of sensor size, too shallow depth of field, but most says wrong use for these equipments etc. etc.

I obviously disagree as easier to use iPads are more powerful than many so called 'advanced' ultra notebooks of only few years ago, design maybe different but at least my parents can do amazing things with it, and not relying on just compact calculators if they don't know how to use a computer.

So I thought it will be interesting to see how most of us feel.

Thanks for voting!

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Yes, and one of the existing good camera brands can do it
33.3% 10  votes
Yes, but only if an outsider like Apple does it
13.3% 4  votes
No, because powerful cameras are not meant to be easy to use
23.3% 7  votes
No, because it can never compete with other easier devices like phones or compacts.
30.0% 9  votes
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