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MoBokeh wrote:

I too think the OP should be concerned. I own a V1 with the 10-30 and 30-110mm lenses, and was on the verge of purchasing the the 18.5 prime and wide angle zoom when Nikon announced their "rethinking" of the 1 series.

This announcement caused me to "rethink" my 1 series ownership. I decided to keep my V1 and 2 lenses(got them at the greatly reduced prices about a year ago), but not add anything more.

In fact, with the purchase of a Lumix G6, I have just migrated to MFT and am very happy. Though not quite as small as my V1, there's a lot to like........excellent selection of native lenses(from both Olympus and Panasonic--a big plus), articulating screen, very good ergonomics, lots of easily customized function buttons(so I can actually set the camera up to suit myself), flexible AEB bracketing(if there were ever cameras that cried out for AEB, it's the V1 and V2....and I'm not talking about the in camera AEB on the V2), silent electronic shutter(like my V1) and focus peaking.

The G6 is a middle of the road camera for Panasonic. Both the GH3 and GX-7 are above it, but unlike Nikon and Canon, they haven't crippled the feature set to protect the higher end models. This is one of my biggest gripes with Nikon, and a major part of my decision to go in another direction.

If Nikon continues down the same path they're currently on, I fear they soon won't have much left to protect.

Did you ever think that maybe Nikon put some decent lenses out there for the N1 system to see how well they would sell and if everyone felt the same way and not bought any, Nikon might just move away from the N1 system , in North America at least. I personally bought into their new lenses in hope they will continue to improve the system.Waiting one or two more months isn't going to make a difference to me, I have many cameras to use while I wait. Now saying that, if nothing happens at these next two shows, I will make a decision whether or not to keep what I have  or buy into another system. The V1 still works for me, I had it from the very beginning (at the original price). One never knows what is going to come out next year , everything is moving very fast in the digital world, is anyone ever happy or satisfied with what they have for more than a few months anymore.  WC

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