DF: the perfect backup body to the D800

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Re: DF: the perfect backup body to the D800

Grig wrote:

Shotcents wrote:

Grig wrote:

Shotcents wrote:Well, there's your problem. You believe in some sort of super being in the sky. You're not going to be very grounded believing in mumbo-jumbo.

Well, I am sorry to hear this... I believe in Creator who created Heaven and Earth and me and you too... Atheists are even bigger believers that everything happened by itself over million years...

Who said I was an atheist? Kind of a limited thinker, aint ya?

I didn't say that you are atheist...

So then why are you talking about atheists? What does that have to do with anything?

Please check for my Df review and samples next week. I also suggest spending at least a few hours shooting with one. Then you can let us all know your views from a reasonable stand point.

Well, I already checked your gallery... No offence - its enough for me.

Yes, and this is what the lowest forms do here. I have class, so I never make such remarks. I have work on display 10 feet across. What about you?

Class? Well, this is getting really far, I've shot hundreds of weddings at 17 states and overseas and my work is all over the world in magazines and billboards through the stock agencies

I'm sure we're all very thrilled for your ad-work. When I did still life and large format my stuff also appeared in catalogues, magazines and so on. Big deal. It's grunt work and a LOT of people do it and can do it. I'm in the midst of a jewlery shoot now, it's huge and annoying. Does that mean my needs should be yours? Grow up.

And looking at my mostly snaps of kids and friends and making such a remark...do you know how sad that makes you appear? Is that "professional" behavior? If you're than in love with your work then there's probably no room in your plastic bubble for much else.

... You probably had seen in in your local Macy's and other stores... But it doesn't really matter... Original question was is Df a perfect backup for D800 and I repeat again (as well as other shooters here) - IT IS NOT! It compliments it but not as a backup or dual camera pro setup. And BTW - I am PPA and NPS...

A pro setup for what? Do you mean that when I'm paid to shoot J-Class one design sailboat races this summer, the D800 and Df are not a pro setup? What about when I used a 5DII and D700 to shoot a gallery opening in Manhattan? Was that also not a pro setup?

You really have no idea what "pro" even means, do you? And you are so egotistically narrow minded that only your version of what a pro setup is remains valid.

A D800 and Df are excellent for a wide variety of professional applications. So are a D610 and DF or a D800 and D300 for that matter.

Odd how religious people are so nasty, as you just were with your "It's enough for me." Don't you realize how low you've sunk when you behave this way?

I am really sorry, but again - before I read review - I usually see the authors work. Again - this is my personal opinion.

And again, will not stoop to such behavior no matter how tempting the bait is. I'll stay on the high road, thank you. I saw your site and it looks like any other pro site. That's not an insult. But if you're going to ride a horse as high as yours you better have something magnificently special to show.



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