Why is M4/3s "fun"

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Re: Why is M4/3s "fun"

Martin.au wrote:

Funny question, but it's been on my mind lately.

This may apply to other mirrorless users as well, and their preferred brands, but in this thread I'm going to talk M4/3s.

Some people who transition to M4/3s describe similar experiences as those experienced by myself. They tend to find photography more "fun" and take a lot more photos.

If this describes you, have you thought about why?

My first thought was because the kit was smaller, so I took it everywhere and took more photos.

My new camera is much improved over my old E520, and I get better photos, partly due to more experience, and partly because the gear is better.

However, my third reason strikes me as the most likely. When I was using the E520, I'd usually grab a shot, check, grab a shot, check, and eventually nail the settings. With M4/3s, I don't tend to chimp much at all as it's really easy to tell beforehand whether you've got the focus and, more importantly, exposure correct. Live blinkies and the CDAF remove two of the biggest niggles I had with the E520.

So, my hypothesis as to why M4/3s is more "fun" is because, for less experienced photogs such as myself who can't yet predict exactly the exposure compensation they need, the likelihood of capturing the shot right in the first place is far greater and the process of taking photos is far more fluent and relaxing.


Well , I took and posted for family and friends lots of pictures with my E-520, which elicited the occasional 'nice picture' comments. Then I took my new EPL-5 on safari and showed pictures to the same audience and got a lot of "those are fantastic pictures" type comments.

that makes it fun for me :).


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