DF: the perfect backup body to the D800

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Re: DF: the perfect backup body to the D800

T O Shooter wrote:

Shotcents wrote:

Please check for my Df review and samples next week. I also suggest spending at least a few hours shooting with one. Then you can let us all know your views from a reasonable stand point.


I guess Grig you are not at the level of Robbie. He's been doing reviews off the preview videos. Now that he has talked Daddy into buying him one for Christmas he'll be giving Ken Rockwell a run for his money. And he has a friend who has a third cousin, who knows someone who got paid to shoot a wedding. So that's how he knows pros. Sounds right from where I'm sitting.


That's exactly right.

Even if I was a rank amateur you would not be on my level because I make judgement and choices based on hands-on experience

You bluff. You were buying the Df off the video previews. What do you think no one remembers your posts from the last few weeks? You need to be more concerned with mental issues than experience status

Bluff? I originally said Id wait a couple of months before buying a Df and that I stopped my old man from buying me one. "Sadly" my wife ignored that and ordered one.

If I'm bluffing I guess I won't be showing my face around here next week if I'm Df-less!



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