Original iPad Mini or new Mini 2 - my observation

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Original iPad Mini or new Mini 2 - my observation

Well, there's nothing like seeing it for yourself. I viewed both the original iPad Mini and the new Mini 2 side by side. Both look comparable as far as sharpness is concerned.

I opened identical photos on both. If you look closely, the Mini 2 is sharper looking. But if you were to look casually at the photo on both, hard to tell. Here is when you'll notice the difference. When you zoom in or expand the image with your fingers. When you do that, the zoomed in photo still looks sharp on the Mini 2 while the original Mini starts to get soft.

I read an online newspaper and the text and images look pretty much the same on both the original Mini and the new Mini 2 with Retina Display.

I asked the Apple rep if I would notice any difference in the wifi speed, say when just browsing the web or watching streaming video. He said 'no' since the speed all depends on the wifi connection.

This is pretty much all I will be doing on the iPad Mini. Not a game player (but I may be tempted now) or video editor using an iPad.

You know, I think there is a good chance a finger-print sensor may make its way to the NEXT iPad Mini. I could go with the original Mini for $100 less and the upgrade to the NEXT iPad mini...maybe a year from now? Or spend $100 more for the new Mini 2 and then I may have to hang onto it for 2 years before thinking about upgrading to the NEXT one with the finger-print sensor.

I could live happily with the original Mini from what I have seen. In the end I paid the extra $100 for the new Mini 2....I just wasn't going to cheap myself out for $100. It works out to less than $10 a month for the coming year or $5 over 2 years. That's my rationalization anyways

But after all the hype, I am surprised just how well sharpness wise the original Mini compares to the Mini 2 with Retina Display for every day browsing or even photo viewing. Now, I haven't tried looking at video yet.



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