Year End A-Mount User Profile Poll #1: Lenses

Started Dec 20, 2013 | Polls thread
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K E Hoffman
K E Hoffman Senior Member • Posts: 5,102
Year End A-Mount User Profile Poll #1: Lenses

First in a series of end of the year polls just to learn about how we use our cameras.

Question #1:
How many a-mount lenses do you own AND use at least once a year?

(We all may have a spare lens of some that are more of a collection than used, this is about what you actually use)

  • List them below if you want.
  • Include which is your Favorite
    (Not most used.. but the one maybe that you enjoy working with most even if its not the one on the camera the most.)

I thought it would be interesting to do a set of polls about out actual usage.

Possible Upcoming Polls Topics

  • Number of bodies
  • Most used print prize
  • Most used RAW Processing Software (PM me with nominations)
  • Most used ISO
  • Most used focal length
  • Subject matter you shoot most

PM me with other poll ideas or start a poll in the series yourself.

 K E Hoffman's gear list:K E Hoffman's gear list
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9.4% 9  votes
3.1% 3  votes
12.5% 12  votes
22.9% 22  votes
13.5% 13  votes
29.2% 28  votes
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