DF: the perfect backup body to the D800

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Re: DF: the perfect backup body to the D800

Shotcents wrote:

Grig wrote:

Shotcents wrote:Then we have people who can't seem to "switch over" to the Df or other controls of a non-matching camera body! I have to wonder how these people can shoot at all given the camera complexity.

Dear Robert, considering that you are not a Pro photographer I assuming that you never shot in very stressful situation when every second counts and you have to switch bodies rapidly... And failure not an option because this is ONCE in a lifetime event that cannot be repeated!

Grig, please get over yourself. I was a professional large format still photographer for years and I'm still paid for my work today. I don't shoot action as it's not my area. But I have friends who do it for a living, such as my close friend who covers pro boxing. Before he switched to the D4, he was doing VERY nicely with a 5D and 5DII, hardly fast cams. Today he shoots with D4 and D800 and now the Df. He is also a pro.

A pro shooter, if you ever meet one, usually understands that everyone shoots differently and has specific preferences for cameras and lenses. They won't always match your choices.

I will post shots from the Df on a job soon enough. Next week I'll post comparison images from D800 & Df. You can decide if the Df sensor is worth anything at "only" 5.5 FPS.

You said "I don't know who these people are who can't handle different controls. I can do it without missing a beat." Good for you! You should be a Pro!

Thanks! What a relief that will be to my clients in two weeks!

But please don't tell me about "those stupid people" who "can't switch over"... In addition to 30 years of Photography (many of "different control" 35mm and Medium Format film and Digital cameras) I have an IT Background (25 years) and we can chat about "camera complexity" all day long...

I don't doubt you can't handle two different systems. My ex-girlfreind shoots the same bodies for that reason. BUT MOST PROS I KNOW CAN DO IT EASILY. Don't get your panties in a tangle just because some people can drive a 6 speed and you can't.

You don't know any Pro photographer who prefers to shoot same bodies? Well how many Pros do you know? How many of them are PPA or NPS that make living out of photography?

A total of 11 here in NYC who are NPS. 3 of them ordered a Df. I guess that will cost them their pro status!

And please don't fly too high... It is dangerous... Higher you fly - more painful is fall...

Uh huh.

Well, there's your problem. You believe in some sort of super being in the sky. You're not going to be very grounded believing in mumbo-jumbo.

Please check for my Df review and samples next week. I also suggest spending at least a few hours shooting with one. Then you can let us all know your views from a reasonable stand point.


I guess Grig you are not at the level of Robbie. He's been doing reviews off the preview videos.  Now that he has talked Daddy into buying him one for Christmas he'll be giving Ken Rockwell a run for his money.  And he has a friend who has a third cousin, who knows someone who got paid to shoot a wedding.  So that's how he knows pros.  Sounds right from where I'm sitting.


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