"The full frame myth"

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Re: You cannot change the laws of physics...

awaldram wrote:

James O'Neill wrote:

The mirror box on Pentax, Sony , Nikon and Canon cameras is designed for a 36x24mm film frame a sensor filling the back of that mirror box wouldn't make the camera bigger or heavier (although if you want to go from a 200MM f/2.8 to the equivalent 300 f/2.8, the lens will be bigger). The bigger sensor *will* cost more. And the APS-C and smaller sensors can produce very, very good images. The interesting question is where is the sweet spot. The 645D is too big. The sensor in Q is too small. APS-C in film-derived bodies was a quick fix. If APS-C is the sweet spot for sensor size, a smaller body makes sense, if the K3 is the sweet spot for body size an FF sensor makes sense.

But did Pentax leverage the aditional real estate a FF mirror box gives to implent SR ?

If so K3 size may be the sweet spot body size for FF or SR aps-C

The sensor moves much less than 1mm in each direction (on the K3 that's 225 pixels, and it doesn't cancel out 225 pixels worth of blur) - so it doesn't need the whole of the spare space. There is some space around the sensor which is used for the mechanics of the SR system, but the pictures of the mechanism don't make think it wouldn't fit in the same body - other things may need to be moved to make room.  Sony have the same system in their FF so I don't think it's a choice of FF or SR .

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