"The full frame myth"

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Re: "The aps-c myth"

This article misses the point, IMO.  Pentax Full Frame is absolutely critical to the future success of Pentax.  Beyond the fact future FF sensors will out perform APS-C sensors, the real benefit to ordinary users is the ability use FF lenses at their proper focal lengths.  Optical physics do not change.  Lenses at often used wide angles like 20/24/28 are absolutely better, IMO, than their APS-C equivalents at 13/16/19.  IT"S THAT SIMPLE.  Less distortion and other optical problems.

In addition, as has been well pointed out here, the K-mount was designed for full frame.  So it really makes no sense to keep cropped frame sensors in all Pentax DSLRs, when FF sensor fit just fine.  The only reason cropped sensors were used in the first place was COST.  This cost issue is rapidly disappearing and it is inevitable that full frame DSLRs will be in a K-mount, very soon ie 1-2 years for sure.

I would hope and expect Pentax would keep both APS-C and FF DSLRs in their lineup...The DA lenses are great also, and the K-5/K-3 are great.  Adding a FF DSLR is a no-brainer and Pentax should produce one next year, IMO.  They will sell like crazy.

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