"The full frame myth"

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Re: "The full frame myth"

Hi Eric,

I think you're understating the reasons why people want FF.  It's not as simple as you paint it, and since it involves humanity, it's filled with perception as much as hard thinking about f-stop advantages and print outcomes.  As I see it, different people want FF for quite different reasons.......

  • Some want the simple perception of having 'the best', as you've observed.
  • Some want the satisfaction of using FF lenses they already own and at their native FOV
  • Some want higher res for same noise/same res for lower noise (take your pick)
  • Some want the edge in DR/better low light performance
  • Many say they want the shallower DOF for improved subject isolation
  • Some want the higher res to print big
  • Some want the wide angle advantage
  • Some want to use TS lenses which simply aren't offered in smaller formats (and their effectiveness is reduced on smaller formats).

Many of these reasons are closely related - (ie DOF, DR, res, noise, low light performance) even if they're expressed as singular advantages because that's what an individual is interested in.  Many photographers will have no interest at all in another's suite of reasons.  They may even have to accept some disadvantages to get the benefits that suit them personally.  The legacy lens reason is transitory.  It comes from those who own legacy lenses and their familiarity with their characteristics.  It may not exist as a consideration for the next generation.

I agree with those who've said that the LL article is also as much about DSLR v mirror-less as it is about FF v smaller formats.  This and similar articles have all been spawned by the emergence of compact and affordable FF (in the form of the Sony A7s).  It means thinking a lot about what you want.  I'm probably going to get one too - the concept of a small, light, sealed, high res, FF camera that will take the best lenses from any brand is incredibly appealing as a hiking landscaper and traveler.

Something that a lot of people overlook, but an advantage to having a larger sensor is that you can choose your resolution.  You can shoot in cropped modes when you want to, with all the advantages of the smaller format.  You switch up to FF when you want the benefits of the larger sensor.  You can't do that with a smaller sensor camera.

We each find our own 'sweet-spot' when it comes to camera choice.


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