"The full frame myth"

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Re: "The aps-c myth"

awaldram wrote:

Chris Mak wrote:

david tittermary wrote:

And 36 ff in crop mode is not the same as 36 dx native

Perhaps not, but it ís exactly the same as 16mp apsc, exactly the crop that the Apsc camera body makes (without the option for the full frame though).

You've lost me

How is 16Mp (ff crop mode) the same as 24Mp aps-c (K3) .?

Surely you need the non existent 50Mp FF camera ?

I was not reasoning in general, I don't have the K3, but the K5IIs. A 36mp FF camera would make the K5IIs redundant.

Please don't get the impression though that I mean to say that Apsc should be replaced by FF. Not at all, Apsc crop sensor is a great system, and when the price drops, I may well get a K3 to match my sigma 500/4.5. Apsc has been raised to an impressive level and lenses like the sigma 18-35/1.8 and the Pentax DA 20-40 WR are probably ideal walk around lenses.

The whole nonsense starts when Apsc or (m)4/3 is supposed to make FF redundant, or are just as good, or have reached a noise level where FF is no better etc.etc. Apsc is itself has grown to what it is for a very good reason, and it has been the only system I have shot digitally as yet, apart from 4/3. But I have invested in FF compatible high quality lenses for a reason. The move from 4/3 (with superb SHG lenses) to Pentax Apsc taught me a thing or two.

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