New to Fuji , Xe2 and lens promo pricing is killing me!

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New to Fuji , Xe2 and lens promo pricing is killing me!

but in a good way..

I bought today:

55-200 ($200 off), 14mm ($200 off) , zeiss 32 (also $200 off till end of next month).

I havent shot with any of them yet, I just returned the 18-55 with xe2 kit so I could upgrade for faster and prime glass. (I had the xe2 and 18-55 almost a month to evaluate, Thank-you b&h!).

I am still debating the 14mm purchase, I might return it and wait for the 10-24, or return and go ahead and get the 23mm and wait even longer for my wallet to catch up with the cost of the 10-24.

Hard to weigh the promo prices vs budget and use. If it wasn't for the promo prices I would have bought just the zeiss today and sit tight for a while. 3 new lenses, new camera and a raw processing software switch is too much at once!

Don't beat me up over the zeiss vs fuji! I just like the build quality and design of the zeiss so much even if IQ shift is minor, non existent, or personal preference. (slower and more expensive too, eek)

If theres a question here it is:

I really want that 23mm but cant buy the 14, 23 and 35(32)mm. I would have to give up the 14 or 35 and cant wrap my brain around the idea of not having a 50mm eq, I am just very comfortable with that FL.

I read how great 35mm equiv is great for street and want to focus on more street-work this upcoming year. Combine this with the raving love of the 23mm and I was convinced I would walk out of store with it and I didn't. I decided on 14mm, 55-200, and the zeis 32, and having remorse over no 23mm.

Is it crazy to give up the 14 for the 23 and lose that wider end. I skipped on the 23 because it was only $100 discount vs $200 for the 14mm but the reality is I will be waiting quite a while to purchase another lens so $100 one way or another should't be the deciding factor.

I look at focal exif data from my my favorite/best photos from archive and I see them float a lot at both far ends of "kit" zooms and clump a lot around both 50 and 35 mm equiv FL. So not a lot of help.

Leaning towards returning the 14 and getting the 23mm in combo with my 32 and 55-200.
In my convoluted thinking it makes some sense to put off the 14mm and have the choice of a 10-24 or 14mm when my wallet recovers (or even the 56!), hell I might even know if I miss the wide end or would prefer a nice portrait lens by the time I can afford.

I will be glad when all the promos end and I have settled.  Looking forward to getting past this system switch and making photos again without thinking about purchasing choices and workflows for a while.

Fujifilm X-E2
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