"The full frame myth"

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Re: "The full frame myth"

Cane wrote:

Why is image sharpness the one and only deciding factor discussed?

Because it's what Apsc and m4/3 are best at. The smaller formats with the design of high quality lenses, excel in sharpness (as well as in compact size of course), so why not strive for what it does best? Speaking for myself: the lack of image sharpness is not that great either. Good lenses solve that issue, and that's a good thing. i don't see how Apsc and m4/3 can avoid image sharpness, it's simply unavoidable due to the projection of the image on a pretty small sensor and enlarging it greatly again when rendering the images, and also due to the lens behavior on a small format; you have to compress the view and with good lenses edges will dominate pretty much resulting in great image sharpness. It's a pro of the format, but with larger formats you have the possibility of higher resolution without the edge sharpness being so obvious. It is the main reason why I have done all my purchases of the last four years with going FF in the back of my mind. But the system was and still is expensive. With the Sony A7(r) that is slowly changing. Good film 35mm cameras cost what? 500,-? When FF 36mp and up becomes more mainstream, we'll probably be talking more about "rendering", "resolution" terms like that...

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