"The full frame myth"

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Re: "The aps-c myth"

david tittermary wrote:

david tittermary wrote:

Perhaps but for wildlife shooting I disagree as I have posted before a ff with 500mm lens is going to massive like 15-20lbs massive, just saying

How is that? Currently thé 500mm lens being used by the Pentax shooters with the k3/5 crop bodies, is the Sigma 500/4.5, a designated Full frame lens. How are things going to change when it is used on a 36mp K3 style FF body with crop mode?

Even the Da300 covers the FF sensor properly.

The only reason why I'm holding off on a Sony A7, is that a Pentax K3 style 36mp FF body would suit áll my needs. It would effectively be the only body I would need to shoot all my lenses in all situations.

The only thing Pentax has to beware of, is not to make the FF Dslr body too large or heavy without any real cause, like the Nikon d800 which really does not have to be that large. If Ricoh/Pentax were to venture into mirror less with a compatible adapter in the end, fine, but it would be the wrong start into FF.

I don't however think the Pentax FF will be built around the Sony 36mp, but around the 24mp. On the one hand I would regret that, because it would still leave the need for Apsc for birding, but on the other hand 24mp FF would be tremendous while still affordable and manageable.

Because that 500mm becomes 800mm any idea how big a d800 with a 800mm is? I use the 300 which for me is long enough at approximately 500mm on the k3 and I can carry it with one hand.

David, there's the 1.4tc for that purpose and reason. I have the sigma 1.4tc, but don't think it is of the same quality as the 500mm. Surely one of the first items to release when (and if) Ricoh launches FF, is the 1.4tc.

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