"The full frame myth"

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To sum it up ... re: K-mount

The author thinks DSLR is dead and we are a short time from amazing OVF quality EV's in even the lowest end mirrorless cameras, therefore sweeping the market and killing the DSLR and large format sensor in one fell swoop.

He seemed to beat around the bush to make a point that there are no longer advantages to large sensors or the DSLR format - but didn't really make much of a convincing argument.  The real argument is this: smaller sensors have caught up with FF in terms of DR and necessary resolution for 'large' prints and heavy cropping.  While those are no longer arguments for FF - the DOF argument is/was and will continue to be the most compelling reason to invest in a 35mm or larger format system.  That being said, a mirrorless K-mount continues to make absolutely no sense given Ricoh's current disinterest in adapting lens designs to compensate for the registration distance or redesigning an obvious product failure in the K-01.  Even if they did both, it's still nothing short of a makeshift fix at extending the life of the K-mount (their investment) - they must either continue to invest in APS-C (doubtful as they appear to have abandoned lens development) or go DSLR FF.  If neither avenue is viable - the K-mount is dying a slow death and Ricoh is wringing out the last profit it can get.

Model Mike wrote:

Great article on Luminous Landscape re full frame v. MFT v. APS-C


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