David Cameron's Xmas Card

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Re: David Cameron's Xmas Card

JulesJ wrote:

Having been involved in and selling b&w family pictures for over twentyfive years, I hope you will agree that our PM Xmas Card is not a good example of excellent photography which it should be. Tom Stoddart took the picture. The B&W convertion is really bad, the resulting dark patch on Camerons face would never have left our studios.

What studios are those? Do they have a web site, would like to see what the comparison is all

Nor would the unnecessary hiding of half the kids face. The background is confusing, she looks dopey with one lazy eye, her neck lines could have been tidied, and the kids hand appearing around Camerons neck is distraction.

That's what the Ancient Greeks would have done, the Cameron Xmas Card is more in
the Ancient Roman Style, warts and all.

As I said we would not have sold this picture to a client as it would have reflected badly on our business.

Please post some links to this business, waiting with bated breath to see how they compare.

See the appalling result here.



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