"The full frame myth"

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actually its the "DSLR" myth

moving_comfort wrote:

aps-c MILC, with the shorter register distance, or m43 MILC? Yes, there's a size advantage worth paying for. Otherwise, if you're shooting DSLR, might as well be shooting FF and get all the advantages.

This article could just as well have been entitled "The aps-c myth."


I actually look at it differently.  The real myth is the "DSLR" myth.  Regardless of the sensor size, for the vast majority of ILCs, mirorrless will be the future.  That is the point I believe the author made.  The benefits of OVF are shrinking.  They'll never disappear completely but close enough for many people.  If you can get all the IQ benefits of full-frame but with smaller equipment, that's win-win.  What is a toss-up is what sensor sizes below full frame are likely to continue in mirrorless.

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