Building my lens collection...

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Building my lens collection...

Hey guys,

I made a thread a few weeks ago looking for a good zoom lens and after finding a 70-200mm f4L for super cheap, decided to take the plunge. LOVING the lens so far - Even without the IS, my 6D seems to be able to take shots in fairly low light, at higher ISO settings that turn out perfectly usable. Definitely a big step up in color reproduction, sharpness and bokeh from my little 50mm 1.8...

Now, over the next year, I plan on buying more lenses for several different purposes. I don't really specialize in one specific kind of photography, so a wide range is what I'm shooting for... Here's what I've got on my list so far:

Canon 17-40mm f/4L- Wide angle for landscapes/architecture (my dad owns his own construction business and plans to start buying and flipping houses after the new year, so I'll likely be doing all of the photography for the home listings...  I'd go tilt/shift, but they're pretty expensive, and we're not selling million dollar houses ).
Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM- General purpose, walk-around lens
Canon 100mm f2 USM- Portraits and low-light telephoto

I heavily debated going with the Sigma 50mm 1.4 or Canon 50mm 1.4, but both seem to have issues and the Sigma 35mm doesn't seem to have any major downfalls...  I'll probably just keep my 50mm 1.8 on the off chance I need it, but I can't imagine many situations where the extra 15mm would be super useful... since it's not a very long focal length, I could just move closer to whatever I'm taking a picture of.  I'm aware of the new Canon 35mm f2 IS...  Is the Sigma still worth buying at $250 more?

I've had a lot of debate about the 100mm...  The f2 seems to be the sharpest in its class, but I'd also really like to play around with macrophotography and the f2.8 and 2.8L are intriguing.  That being said, both are quite a bit more expensive and I could buy a set of Kenko tubes for cheaper than the difference, and be able to do macro on any lens I own...  My other concern is, I'll have to be super close to whatever I'm taking a picture of with only 100mm, which means taking pictures of insects might be troublesome.  Thoughts?

Any other suggestions?  Thanks!

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