AF phenomenon on the 70D: Can anyone explain?

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Re: AF phenomenon on the 70D: Can anyone explain?

chbaum wrote:

Thanks. It's really hard to say because I can only rely on my test setup (which I'm convinced is sound), and I could only see problems with fast lenses, i.e. f2.8 and bigger. That's the conclusion in the German forums as well.

However, there was a guy who claimed the problem to appear with ALL lenses as long as they are used at their own maximum aperture. You just have a very hard time to see it because of the much bigger DOF.

I really can't confirm that, so I stick with my hypothesis. It can't be ruled out however, that cameras with a problem have this problem with EVERY lens.

A few posts above, people hinted towards the special features of the center AF field. My question now would be: Is it faulty because of a software bug, or is it faulty because of faulty hardware components? That would be a real bugger because it would mean to send the camera in for repairs.

Which by the way a few people in Germany did. The cameras came back nicely adjusted to the lenses, but the problem itself stayed the same. Canon Germany claims to know nothing of a problem of that kind. After the holidays, I'm going to contact them with my test scenario and hope for a constructive comment or a repair offer.

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So can we really conclude there is a problem? Many people with many lens,who can really tell or know how their pictures were taken. Until many people in the USA start complaining of this "problem" I will keep enjoying my Canon 70D.

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