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Re: Concerned ...

Yes, you can buy things that are only sold in another country, but it may be difficult unless you physically go there. Japanese mail order sites are very Japan specific, and I never managed to buy anything via mail from Japan - not that I tried that hard.

When it comes to warranty, the last I heard (when in Japan) was that there is no warranty outside Japan for products bought in Japan. For other countries it may be different. If you for example buy a Nikon camera in Germany, I'm pretty sure that the warranty is valid in France.

My own recommendation, if the V3 turns out interesting and it only is available over there, is to take a pleasant holiday in Japan. Enjoy the views, the food, the museums and the baths, and pop into a shop and buy a V3 as a souvenir. People like Akihabara for electronics, but there are plenty of places all over Japan where one can buy excellent electronics. However, it is not necessarily as cheap as one might imagine.

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