"The full frame myth"

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Re: "The full frame myth"

I think full frame is misunderstood.  Many want it simply because they want the best, but what does it really offer you?

It offers 1 1/3 stop added flexibility.  That and the larger sensor generally gives sharper more detailed images (less enlargement and easier on the lenses for the same MP count).  So at base ISO it is often true that M4/3 (and honestly even 1/1.7" compacts) can be good enough for most people, and larger aperture lenses can help those camera do good at high ISO.

The issue with small sensor cameras is to get good results you need exceptional lenses and very large apertures to avoid diffraction.  Pentax Q is a good example, the 8.5mm f/1.9 is a great lens, but really peaks wide open due to diffraction, and the lens is still limiting the sensor.

Taking my A7 and using some older lenses like an Olympus OM 28mm f/3.5 and it performs way better with that lens than a 24 MP APS-C camera would.  I can't wait to try my Pentax 28mm f/3.5 as well, and also going to rent the FA Limited lenses.

I think many people think full frame is a myth until they use it, then they will either think, "What did I just spend $1000 extra on?" or "this is the best thing since sliced bread", depending on what their expectations are and how they use the camera.

Do I think APS-C is plenty for most people?  Sure.  Same with M4/3.  Same with 1".  Same with 1/1.7".  Why not give everyone a Q and call it good.


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