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Re: Concerned ...

samfan wrote:

There will be grey importers ready to sell you a camera with a warranty, wherever you live.

good news ... i thought was not possible (local law, customs duty etc ....)

That said, it'd be really odd for Nikon not to sell its MILC. Wasn't J1 the best selling MILC in at least UK (which would imply it wasn't exactly unpopular at least in EU) even with original price and doesn't Nikon have the biggest or second biggest market share in MILC?

Well let's wait and see, right.

SunnyFlorida wrote:

It has sold at a loss, $299 V1 kits (66% off original price) multiplied by millions sold, Nikon has been drowning in red with the 1-series.

Do we know for sure it was sold at a loss?

I think no ...

While the cameras are well made, their internal design is extremely simple and it's all assembled in China. Of course Nikon apparently produced several times as many as they had any hopes of selling at a normal price, but they had that issue with DSLRs of last 2 generations too. D3000 just disappeared from local stores last month.


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