"The full frame myth"

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Re: "The full frame myth"

grcolts wrote:

KL Matt wrote:

"That brings us to APS-C and Micro Four Thirds. APS-C camera users, at least those whose cameras are of DSLR design, don't get much of a break. The cameras aren't that much smaller and lighter than Full Frame, and most people use full frame capable lenses, because to buy APS-C specific lenses locks you out of an eventual full-frame upgrade, and they aren't that much smaller and lighter in any event. Finally, few if any are of Pro grade."

This is what I've been lamenting for years. The K-mount only really makes competitive sense as a full-frame mount. That's true now more than ever.

Ricoh will be forced to make the move to a larger sensor and/or shorter registration distance sooner or later.


Are you saying Pentax should join the m4/3rds arena? Or, a GXR type mirror less?

I think the K-mount should once again be predominantly a full-frame mount.

I also think there should be a mirrorless K-mount with an APS-C sensor that can accept all current and future K-mount lenses with full AF and features. This new mirrorless can either have a standard K-mount like the K-01 does or a shorter registration distance, like the Sony E-mount and require an adapter for K-mount lenses. If you stick to a full K-mount (which I favor), then you'll need to release a full line of ultracompact lenses designed like the DA 40 XS which have the bulk of their optics inside the body, where the mirror box would otherwise have resided.

This could result in a svelte overall package that maintains full compatibility with the rest of the K-mount. It doesn't have to be a brick like the K-01.

I can't help thinking it was a mistake to build the Q with such a small sensor. The Nikon 1 seems to have hit the sweet spot RE sensor size for very small ILCs. Time may prove me wrong.

I think the new 645d should have a "full" 645-size sensor to distance it from the K-mount full-frame offering and justify its price over the likes of the D800e. Otherwise I don't see the advantages over 35mm systems quite so much.

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