"The full frame myth"

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Re: "The full frame myth"

Great article on Luminous Landscape re full frame v. MFT v. APS-C


Dslr's themselves are already a myth, the camera in their mobile phone is all people need, they are just clinging on to old myths.

Seriously, who is to decide which and what is myth?
Fact is, that with Full frame, there is a larger surface to project the image on, putting less strain on the lens and sensor, and producing what FF lovers call an "easy drawing style". Apsc has sharper, more pronounced edges, that gives images often a harsher look. I have the K5IIs, a brilliant camera, but it cannot produce the natural and easy on the eyes images that FF produces with the better lenses.

But if you only define image quality in "sharp" and pixel noise, then yes, forget about FF by all means.


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