"The full frame myth"

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Well thought through great post


I have invested some money -more than I thought I would! LBA got me too- in cropped and FF K-mount lenses the last few years. But I have been following the new technologies since 2005 or 2006.

Back then, the three categories (FF - APSc - 4/3) had distinct qualities and it did make sense to have 2 different systems of any compination. But after the impovements of all three categories, including the latest versions of 16MP m4/3 cameras and their AF speed improvements in good and moderate light, I fell that -for most users- having a m4/3 or a FF system allong with a APSc system, does not make good economy. And I mean volume/weight/IQ/money economy.

APSc systems are now good enough that will not feel too big against a similarly featured m4/3 package (with EVF + other good spec) or IQ limited against a FF system. On the other hand, having a FF system maybe it is a better choice to use a smaller m4/3 system for portability than a APSc one. There are differences, but not that big anymore.

Of course, there are users that have great benefit from using FF lenses on APSc, especially those with great need for reach with a lot of resolution at the same time. They will disagree with me and I will agree with them for their needs.

But for most users that do not have a specific need for DR/resolution/weight/features etc, I believe that APSc is the best single system choice and FF+m4/3 is the most logic 2 system combination. LL article points at the mirrorless in general, which is not exactly what I am saying, as they mention FF ILCs. They may predict things better than me, but this is what I believe for the current technology status.


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