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adhall wrote:

Maybe so, Mike, but then WHY does the K-3 have almost TWICE AS MANY VOTES for Best DSLR of 2013 as it does people claiming to own it or want it???

I think I can answer that question. I'm a Nikon shooter and I voted for the K-3. I haven't looked too far into the spec details. I Just picked one up at the local camera shop and really liked the build quality. I've also seen anecdotal evidence that the sensor performance in combo with lens selection is excellent.

Would I buy a K-3? Probably not. If I were to go back and buy an APS-C camera, it would be the D7100. That way I wouldn't need to buy new lenses, speedlights, filters (most of mine are 77mm), cable releases, spare batteries etc. The K-3 would need to be much, much better than the D7100 for me to consider it.

Also, if I were starting a system from scratch, my choice would be something full frame...

All that aside, I still think the K-3 is the best DSLR from this year.


I think that's the crux of Pentax's issue , for many the train has already left the station.

Almost irrelevant of body specs you, Me and most other dedicated shooters already have heavy investment in glass so are unlikely to swap brands on a whim.

Given the maturity of the technologies involved (despite what web experts (brand centric)) there is nothing but pot pxssing difference between like for like bodies whatever brand you choose.

I don't think Pentax can do anything with the technologies involved to pries entrenched shooter cross brand in any significant numbers so are probably taking the right approach with their compelling and cheap entry level models aimed at youngsters.

It has to be ground up not market grab.

Given that I think it obvious why FF is only a secondary priority in Pentax future plans , Though current shooters 'starting again' might be interested the starter out is unlikely to be concerned in any appreciable numbers in a product 3 generations from where their at.

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