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Cross-breeding R2000 with R3000/Pro 3880

Actually Epson could use the same chassis of the Pro 3880, but using the R3000 print head (2 pl smallest droplet size instead of 3.5 pl) and combining the ink set of the R3000/Pro 3880 with the R2000, thus eliminating the usage of the light colors (light magenta, light cyan and light light black). By eliminating the light colors, the ink usage will be dramatically reduced. The R2000 can produce very subtile light prints without any visible grains.

Now because of the matte and photo black position can be combined to one channel, this combined space can be used for an extra large (200 ml) gloss optimizer cartridge.

Then you will have:

cartridge 1: Gloss optimizer cartridge  200 ml (sitting on the matte + photo black position)

cartridge 2: Matte Black 80 ml

cartridge 3: Photo Black 80 ml

cartridge 4: Gray (light black) 80 ml

cartridge 5: Vivid Magenta 80 ml

cartridge 6: Orange 80 ml

cartridge 7: Cyan 80 ml

cartridge 8: Yellow 80 ml

So lower ink usage by omitting the light colors, no need to flush the ink channel between matte and photo black (both are loaded: R2000 feature)), extended gamut by using vivid magenta and orange (R2000: normal magenta + orange + red) (R2000 feature), most importantly: grey ink cartridge for neutral ABW-mode (R3000/Pro 3880 feature) and more glossy prints by using a gloss optimizer (R2000 feature). Because the gloss optimizer is heavily used, the combined position large cartridge of 200 ml should suffice for many prints.

The could also supply a CD/DVD-printing tray on this machine as well.

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