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Re: works fine for me

Ianperegian wrote:

Thanks for your replies. I should have added that I'm using an iMac (early 2012) with OS 10.8.5 and Firefox 26.0.

I added a URL (such as ) embedded in a text message using TextEdit by copying and pasting it into the DPR post.

Then if I highlight and copy the URL, when I click on the "Insert/edit Link" sometimes nothing happens, that is, the insert link window does not appear. [In this case, when I tried, it did work!]

Another more general problem is with adding a period in the text after the URL. The period becomes part of the URL and renders it invalid. It only works if extra space is left between the URL and the period. (Note the extra single space that the "insert link" caused to appear before the closing bracket above. That space was not there in the original text.)


I'm a little bit unsure myself what is the problem here... I'm just doing this reply on a MacBook Pro Retina early 2013 with OS 10.8.5 and this is using Firefox (quite recent as I only put it on just a few days ago...normally use CHROME)... for this purpose I haven't needed to use the link icon at the top of course... I've just donre a 'copy' on the link YOU ionserted here in your post.. a dpReview link .. and now done a Paste of that HERE as such ...  ..
it just put in here the link of yours as so copied....
as another trial I've just opened in a separate window a small album of pics I made up rrecentky.. and now copied the address of that other window to here ...

At the moment as I write the link immediately above does not show as 'live' of course .. this type never do so to me..until I go to the actual posted full reply of this note..then I'm hoping it will be live as they usually are..

Just a final try-out..I'll try including here a LINK to one of my own Gallery pics..that of course will need to use the top icon above the present replying space.. let's try that..

Well THAT seems to work OK as well  ???

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