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AscherJim wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

However I quite like the Mode2 focus peaking and have not felt particularly disadvantaged at any time by its use, nor has it bothered my compositional mind. I tend to vary the lcd screen magnification as might be appropriate and now find the Clearviewer accessory indispensable for any bright outdoor work....But the Clearviewer attached and in use seems to give a more natural "eyefinder" grip than the higher mounted clip on evf (more especially so with a larger format lens). My experience only, others may differ.

It seems that some are most happy with the most realistic composition images and others are satisfied by abstract representation. Nothing could lean more to the abstract than using a Clearviewer with Mode2 on a bright sunny day....

Tom Caldwell

Tom: I have been a very satisfied Clearviewer user for years now, on various of my non-SLR cameras, both with its tripod mounting and its hotshoe mounting. I am now using its hotshoe mount, in the fashion you describe, with my GXR M-mount and Mode2 focus peaking, and find it by far the best focusing method for my GXR (along with screen magnification). Thanks for doing the advance work (testing) of this method, which I have adapted with success. Jim

Glad that we agree Jim.  It is not as good as a nice built in high resolution evf, but in the absence of that I actually use it regularly but have never been too bothered with the clip on evf.  Why this is so is harder to explain.

The evf gives all the information in its readout and can swivel through 90 degrees, it is useful.  But I find it badly positioned, especially for larger lenses.  It is big enough to be awkward both on and off camera, and of course it has no auto-switch to and from the lcd.  It also looks delicate and is easily knocked.

The Clearviewer even with the premium lens is not of particularly good resolution.  Best described as adequate.  But it is useable in bright light in circumstances where the lcd is a washout.  It works like a large evf off the lcd and can show all information.  This is the real clue to its success, in use it feels like you are using a traditional viewfinder, right stance, right grip, and good balance.  Great with larger lenses on board. However anyone looking for perfection might be disappointed.

Using mode2 peaking allows better utilisation on a bright day.  I have the hot shoe version and it is easily folded up temporarily out of the direct way.  This only leaves it slightly less awkward than the clip on evf and certainly not "packable", but this is easily resolved by slipping the Clearviwer out of its socket when it then becomes a slim easily packed, object or slipped into a pocket.

This does not sound like a great recommendation but I am quite enamoured with it as a tool and my camera now feels "naked" without it when out and about.  It is now part of my regular equipment whilst the evf, often carried, was rarely used.

I like the Clearviewer enough to no longer be so fixated by the need for a built in evf and tilt screen on any GXR body replacement.  If the mythical GXRII were to be about GR body size then there might be no room for either built in evf or tilt screen.  So be it.  Give me a Clearviewer and I will be happy.

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