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JeffAHayes wrote:

Took me a few minutes to find that poll, and THEN I thought Pentax was close to the bottom until after I voted and realized they had the camera brands organized alphabetically.

As of right now, the Pentax K-3 is WAY in first place, with 26.3% of respondents naming it the Top DSLR of 2013 -- almost a full 10% more than the 16.9% who picked the Nikon D7100, which is in a distant second (the K-5 and K-500 are barely registering, along with several other models, at this point).

Interestingly, when I scrolled down and looked at the numbers of folks who had clicked they OWN a K-3, PLUS those who WANT one and those who've HAD one (9), THAT total was just a bit more than 50% of the total number of votes that equal the total of 26.3% x the 17xx (I can't recall the last two digits offhand) votes that were cast for the K-3. I DID put that number in my calculator's memory, however, it and it appears there've been 453 VOTES cast for the K-3 although only a total of 234 respondents clicked that they own it, want it, or had it.

To ME that says there may be a lot of CaNikon, Sony and other shooters out there who are doing some SERIOUS looking! SIGMA... TAMRON... ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION?????


Well, I don't have a Pentax, and I voted for it. Why? Mostly the output (IQ to me is wonderful), AF now seems to be in Canon / Nikon sports ability range, judging from posts here, , the fact that Pentax has brought a full featured camera , priced very well.

Unlike Canon and Nikon who seem to cripple this or that buffer, video, whatsits. i.e. Not giving anything away, 'you want it, you pay for it' sort of impression.

I expect that is annoying a lot of folks.

The D7100 seems very good and has excellent output, but the Sony K-3 sensor or Pentax processing, does not have banding and seem to me, the output has *something extra* even if it is subjective to me.

Them the D7100 has a silly buffer...why??? Pentax have brought the 'full metal jacket' with the K-3.

So , they DESERVE the Kudos.

I think its the best DSLR since the D800 release. Not to mention the best value on the market right now and no doubt about the best APS-C,  IN MY OPINION.


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