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emem wrote:

JeffAHayes wrote:

To ME that says there may be a lot of CaNikon, Sony and other shooters out there who are doing some SERIOUS looking! SIGMA... TAMRON... ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION?????

Sorry Jeff, but I think other shooters will have to do some serious BUYING before Sigma and Tamron pay attention.

Maybe so, Mike, but then WHY does the K-3 have almost TWICE AS MANY VOTES for Best DSLR of 2013 as it does people claiming to own it or want it??? Seems a bit suspicious to me if shooters from other formats aren't at least IMPRESSED. I don't think you can vote more than once from any given IPS, and I don't think the members of THIS forum are any more rabid to jump through hoops to try to beat the system and vote more than once, each, than members of any other forum would be. I'm not, and I'm as sold on Pentax as anyone (not that I''m not also critical where I need to be, as well). Mostly, I think Ricoh needs to take some cues from SONY and pay less attention to CaNikon, at this point. Sony appears to be the true innovator in the DSLR market at the moment -- at least that's what Popular Photography said when they named their new FF camera the Camera of the Year...

Then again, at the same time Popular Photography did that, Sony had a separate 26-page "advertorial" magazine they pay Bonnier to publish mailed out to all subscribers and 6 pages of ads and promotions in the January 2014 issue were Sony ads and promotions, just two less than the 8 total shared by Nikon, Canon, Samsung and Olympus. So it's entirely possible (I think even probable) that Bonnier Media is currently a bit "Sony Biased." That said, the articles they're publishing about Sony DO have some merit to them.


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