DF: the perfect backup body to the D800

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Re: Here's why it's not a good idea:

eric guzman wrote:

imrich wrote:

I'm not trying to cause trouble, or even tell you you're wrong, but I have to ask:

What difference does it make how a lens looks on your camera (be it pancake, or a long, large Tele/zoom)? Unless you want to impress someone, or have the combination be the subject of your photo(s)?

Isn't the most important point: 'Does the lens/camera combination function well and provide good images'?

Or am I missing something?

Bingo..I agree with this position 100%....

Correct, but would posit that it's not the whole equation. The Df is an emotional play, so part of that is the call-back to a simpler time when lenses weren't gargantuan and aesthetics were 'classic'. If you are looking for function, then yes, it shouldn't matter, but Nikon isn't selling it on function. The fact that a Rolex doesn't keep time as accurately as a cheap quartz watch doesn't stop it from being sold. We're crossing over a bit from product marketing ("needs and wants") to luxury marketing ("aspirations")

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