DPR Best Gear of '13: Sony/Fuji/Oly sweep; Canikon gets shut out again!

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Re: DPR Best Gear of '13: Sony/Fuji/Oly sweep; Canikon gets shut out again!

Biggs23 wrote:

Mirrorless Crusader wrote:

So thousands of votes are in already and the results couldn't be more clear: Sony, Fuji, and Oly's new products are clearly the best, and Canikon's products - the few they even bother to make anymore - clearly aren't. In fact the only category that Canikon even managed to break the top FOUR was in DSLRs, which Sony, Oly, and Fuji have long since recognized are dinosaur products doomed to imminent obsolescence and championed only by the nostalgic and the irrational.

I find it very interesting that you consider nearly 100% of all working professionals to be nostalgic and/or irrational.

And even in DSLRs their millions of dollars of product development and advertising and corporate might couldn't even beat out a tiny competitor's crop sensor DSLR whose image quality puts the Canikon Colossus to shame.

Riiiiiiiight. You are aware that the absolute best quality sensors available today reside in Nikon and Canon bodies, right? In terms of pure image quality, the top 5-10 spots are pretty much all Nikon or Canon. (Mostly Nikon, some Canon, maybe a Sony)

Sony, Fuji, and Olympus, on the other hand, got 12 combined top-four entries across the four categories that are actually relevant today: Top lens, top prime compact, top zoom compact, and top mirrorless.

That's one of the more subjective statements I've read in a long time. IMO, 'top mirror less' is pretty much irrelevant.

Last year Oly took Canikon's best shot and stunned the world by defeating the big bad 5D3 with the revolutionary little E-M5 for DPR users' camera of the year, and with this year's results, your voices have made the message crystal clear: Mirrorless is ready to dominate the cameraverse and Canikon is ready to decay into the dustbin of yesteryear.


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I like how you resorted to sarcasm at the end because there's really nothing to be disputed about the fact that DPR's readership has shown, through these polls, an overwhelming preference toward mirrorless cameras and camera brands and and an underwhelming interest in Canikon.

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