Portrait lens: Zuiko 45/1.8 or legacy Contax Zeiss 50/1.4?

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Which trinity?

Different trinity for different people...

One person might say 12/17/25, someone else 12/25/45, or 20/45/75

We all see differently (good thing, wouldn't it be boring if we all had the same vision)

So don't worry too much what someone else thinks you need.  Buy what fits your vision.

If you're definitely getting the 12-40, the 45 might be slightly redundant, while the 75 is a quite different focal length.  However if you don't often have the working room for the 75, the 45 could prove more useful... and if you prefer a 'normal' FoV, consider the Panny 25/1.4

I bought the 45/1.8 while my E-M5 was on backorder.  But w the somewhat dim 12-50 as the kit lens, I knew I wanted at least one bright lens.  I also picked up the 14/2.7 for it's size and price, but found it too wide for general use.  Just got the 17/1.8 and liking it much better than the 14.

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