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I like the blog and especially like the background color. Tastes differ, and while the poster before me thought your site lacked excitement, I personally welcome the calm nature of your blog. What is 'excitement' for some is 'sensory overload' or 'annoying' to others.

As you say, each to their own. That shade was the first one I tried that didn't seem to compete with the content, so I stopped there. As I said, its work in progress, so that may change when I get the content in order and start to fiddle with the design

Also, I like that once I click on a photo, I can then scroll through the rest without having to exit the first photo and click again on the next one and so forth. If it's too much work, I lose interest (and yours is not too much work).

Yes, of the various gallery designs, the one I settled on seems to work best.

For suggestions, I would prefer a larger font size and larger photo sizes for the unclicked versions. The size you are using works ok for the galleries, but I would prefer something large enough in the blog that I don't necessarily have to click on the photos unless I want a closer look. Also, it is nice to view the photos while reading your comments, even if I plan to later view the larger sizes. Currently, I don't think the photos are large enough to do that, at least not on my ipad. In addition, I would prefer some sort of demarcation around the photos when in the larger clicked on sizes - some kind of outline or non intrusive frame so I can tell where the photos stop and the black ipad background starts.

The platform I'm using (Squarespace) dynamically alters layout and image size by platform. As I'm a Windows desktop/laptop user with an Android phone, I haven't had too many chances to check how it looks on Apple devices. As a responsible site designer, I suppose I should do more of that. I'll certainly take your suggestions into consideration as I tweak the design.

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